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Well, basically the obligatory Americans in London story, including the driving jokes, difference between English and American English, aristocracy...It could be summed up as been there, done that. Well, the show's writing has never been exactly great and original and I think that the whole thing stands on the confortation of "average Joe" Booth and Bones' weirdness.

The little car joke was incredibly unfunny, btw.

The plus of Booth and Bones going to London is Indira Varma (Suzie in "Torchwood") as Inspector Cate "Pritch" Pritchard.

Well, she flirted a bit with Booth and knighted him with cutlery and a toy store medal. Plus she's kind of cute in the suit.

However, Angela and Hodge break my heart and the psychiatrist boy still remains the little geek from "Geeks and Freaks" and I somehow don't like him since the moment after the season finale when I realized he's there to replace Zach. And weirdly enough, he never really grow head big enough for those teeth. I don't like Camilla either. I think that if I really cared about the show, she could make it to Gwen's or Camoron's level in my mind.

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