Feb. 7th, 2008

sevenjetc: (Happy Porn)
Torchwood... well, sorry for not uploading it this time, flist, but I was kind of asleep by the time the links came out... I hope you got it elsewhere... if not, buzz me. Anyway, it was a let-down. It was bad. Not Cyberwoman or Countrycide kind of bad, but pretty much season 1 bad. I blame it on Gwen. Way too much of that selfish bitch. At times, I had a feeling that I am watching a Mexican telenovela, especially when they yelled loud and fast enough for me to stop understand. The positive highlight of this episode was Ianto. I have always liked Ianto, unless he got too emo, but he really didn't get a much of screen-time in season 1. Now, he is like the best character on the show. Go, action!Ianto, go ;)

House 4x12... House made me happy. Like I-am-here-laughing-crying-and-squeeing-with-fangirlish-glee happy. I do not think that any show made me this happy, ever. Well, the Doctor makes me feel like that in times, but not for this long... because the Ten/Jack was a big disappointment too... Well, it is time for screencaps and comments...

I cut this in favour of those of you who do not like House... )

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