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I hate you in ways that I cannot possibly describe. You are yet to write an episode that wouldn't be complete and utter unbearable shit. Coupling was stupid, Sherlock was incredible piece of shit as I solved the crime long before Sherlock and he was supposed to be the smart one, I shall not mention what I think of Jekyll, but I really, really hate you for destroying Doctor Who completely and utterly with the "actors" and your "writing". I wish that you just fucked off and never written another thing in your bloody life. Fuck you, Moffat.
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Things that I do and that I am not paid for:
a/ correcting boss' fucked up English while she thinks that her English is perfect and it makes me want to shoot her

b/ IT support because the computers are in a state of decay that I try to stop on nightly basis, but co-workers still download gigabytes of data on the desktop on the system disk while both computers have storage disks with a lot of free space, also the programs need to update or repair from time to time and what about cleaning the PCs from dust from time to time...really, my wage is not even a third of what IT support guys make, maybe I should let it rot and then wait for an invoice from an IT firm and secretly laugh...

On the other hand...

Things that I do that I may be paid for/aren't but are my hobbies and are completely job unrelated:
a/ vidding - well it is not like there is anything else to do
b/ reading
c/ sleeping on the couch
d/ watching Doctor Who and other tv shows
e/ designing web pages/loading data to them (especially if I am paid for that one, yay making money while making money)
f/ translations
g/ writing fics
h/ studying

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I really hate castles. It's cold and moldy and it stinks inside of them. And they actually charge money so you can see how ruined their empty ruin is. They call it history. I hoped to take a nap in the car by annoucing I've got no money, instead, they paid the fee for my. So I'm tired and walking the ruin while blogging or blogging while walking and freezing. It took them thirty minutes to see three empty rooms and we have to leave this huge shit 30 minutes from now and I'm nervous and tired. And everybody calls me bitchy and spoilsport. Hey I am not having fun, therefore leave me the fuck alone.
sevenjetc: (Default) need of counselling. I've seen Matt Smith in just a towel. Cringe.

As always, that crack stuff is stupid.

And btw, I was in the surgery on friday and I survived, unless I am undead, or in some special kind of hell that looks just like my old life, only with addition of crappy shedder that won't shed and said Matt Smith in the towel.
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I hate my, excuse my French, fucking family. Hate hate hate. I need to change my permanent address before the next elections and pack my all stuff and take off. Another planet will be good.

Also, need new friends. Seriously.
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So I went to the drugstore, to get some cosmetics. Yes, I know, I do it a bit too often. Since the incident with the security guard, I've been banned from Schlecker, therefore I headed to DM, well, I wanted nose stripes anyway and schlecker carries only the spendy nivea ones.

I admit that I pretty much suck at German to the point where I'm considering carrying the dictionary to the stores, because half the things have neither Czech nor English description or instructions. You know, there is this thing that could be either makeup remover or nail polish remover and that mistake could cost one an eye.

Lately, they started to put stickers with Czech translation to some of the goods. However, whoever is doing those translation either sucks in German more than I do, or my German was wrong all along.

I went to choose a toothbrush first. Well, face it, their own brand is the cheapest and they are actually pretty decent quality. I thought that weich was soft, hart was hard and mittel was middle. Oh, how I was wrong. According to the wonderful Czech sticker, weich is middle now. How confusing.

Then I wanted some wax stripes to remove the excess body hair. Again, I went with the store label, because of the price. Oh dear, did you know that Gesicht is no longer face, but an armpit? Really, it says "für Gesicht und Bikinizone". While the Czech label says "for face and groin area", it says later in the text "caution, for armpit and groin area only, do not use on face". What the frak?!

Somehow, I think the dictionary option sounds more appealing. Or I could end up waxing my moustache in the armpit.
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Talking to rapidshare support?

Read more... )
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...seriously depress me.

So I have this presentation on Morrison tomorrow. Somehow, I would rather vid, but I have no idea what song to choose. In a vain attempt to find something cheery I found "The Trouble with Me", which is very House and very depressing. So instead, I am watching Sazzy's J/7 vids on youtube. Talk about ironic. I just can't take the crappy J/C vids that keep floating around. Blah. Especially when the most of them look like the author has twenty scenes on her pc and just hits randomly generate vid of scene in the movie maker. No, randomly generated vids are actually more fun. Anyway. I think I am going to watch some of my vids and hope for a song to pop into my head. Something funny and cheery.

You see the trouble with me
I've got a head full of fog
I'm a basket case
I dont think I can love, love, love

You see the trouble with you
Is you're in love with me
What a strange thing to do
What a brave place to be


Dec. 15th, 2008 11:35 pm
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Ok, the David Tenninch club thing was fun, but now it's an old meme. I guess it is time to let it go and die, few months of inactivity should do it. And then I cannot help but hope that the stupidestfangirlever moves on to another show as she did from J/C (not before embarrassing all the people interested in J/C who had nothing to do with her) and ST and SG...

Anyway, I feel kind of tired of everything and I've been skipping school. Bad bad bad. Because suddenly going there seems kinda pointless. I don't know, it is just too much effort to get up, get dressed, get there and I feel very much like going on empty battery.

I hate winter. All the fruit and vegetable is way too expensive. Weather is cold, I can't sleep, it is dark all the time and what I hate the most are the bloody christmas. The days of rush and shopping. Gah. What's all the fuss about?
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Because, obviously, my lessons aren't spicy enough and I am too young. Next time, I'll take habanero with me.


Dec. 2nd, 2008 05:56 pm
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Lately I've been wondering about two, well, three important issues:

1/ is English word order applicable to mathematics in order to explain it to students, who have inflective language as the first language

2/ why is the word "boner" so attractive to people

3/ where exactly are J/C fic authors wrong with the dickage
and the winner is... )

End of today's wisdom.
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...or, how I learned to stop shipping.

Since I was a child, I identified myself as a shipper. Lately, this course of action makes me disgusted. Let's take a look.

Mulder and Scully, the ultimate image of romance. Why I liked it?
1. They were, above all, friends. It was more than "unresolved sexual tension", which I never actually seen. People mistaking them for lovers, well, I never got that. It run deeper than that. There was this ultimate trust between them. They literary trusted each other with their lives.

2. They never showed it. The kiss in Millenium was perfect, the little New Year's peck on lips. But it was the little touches that were much more significant. The touch of hands, a hug. It was more intimate than sex. The best shippy moment ever - the end of Pusher, when Scully takes Mulder's hands and leads him away.

3. Truth is, we were told that they probably shagged since episode one. And if they did, I'm glad it wasn't on screen.

4. In the movie, when they live together. It's natural. It's been sixteen years of close intense relationship. They lost all other friends, because there wasn't time to socialize and to be friends with them was more than dangerous. They lost their families. They only had each other. So I wasn't surprised and I kind of like it. Up to the final kissing scene. I mean, they were together and it was nice. But that scene was so unlike Mulder and Scully. It was disgusting. The worst X Files scene ever. What happened to the no 'Moonlighting' rule?

Now watching Bones. Are they trying to copy M and S? I dunno, however, there is zero chemistry between Brennan and Booth. They are great as partners, but not as a pair. Lately, the writers force them on us as a pair. They are trying to show it down viewers throat and it triggers my gag reflex.

Another thing triggering my gag reflex is House's current "slip of tongue". Back in the season one, when Cuddy was still the boss and not the boobs, the occasional hostile flirting was fun. But the current House/Cuddy plot is making me sick. It is boring, it is annoying, it is an old meme. Is Cuddy really the desperate aging lonesome stalking slut who would do anything to get House's attention? Because lately, it seems that way. Two more episodes of this and she would get on the same level with Cameron's clingy crush.

Well, I think it is a good thing that I jumped the slash train. I mean, they are not going to show Kirk/Spock or House/Wilson down my throat, huh? :D
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I couldn't sleep, so I finished reading of "Stranger in a Strange Land" and I don't understand why I haven't read it before. I like the way Heinlein's works make me think. It's liberating, witty way of thinking, and full of sarcasm and self-ridiculing. Live's a big joke. However, since I was eight when I've read "Friday", and I've read it at least ten times since them, it's no wonder I turned out so screwed up.

Well, the bad/good news is that I bought 4 Heinlein's books I haven't read yet at FFS. It's bad, because I should be reading "The Red Badge of Courage" and some more boring novels. Why the more is the book boring, the more probably it is going to become classic? I'm missing my Shakespeare, full of blood, sex and violence. Although, he really seriously lacks in spaceships. Good is that I have something to read that doesn't have to have "Star Trek" or "Doctor Who" in the title to catch my attention. Doctor Who is good, but it's more of a relaxation than of a thinking book. Turn of your brain, chill out, let the Doctor take you on an adventure.

Thinking books, however, aren't always the best idea. Toni Morrison usually makes me doubt the meaning of life. Heinlein makes me think about the insanity of religion, moral and social structure of human society, the whole system. He makes me an anarchistic freethinker in my mind, even when I usually follow the road of established rules and taboos.

I've been wondering how much I was influenced by the books I've been reading as a child. Because somehow the rules for society that I have in my mind, what is and isn't appropriate, seem to be a bit different from the standard. And I'm pretty sure my parents and grandparents didn't teach me that. Maybe they should have watch closely what I was reading. Maybe I should make a list of books unsuitable for children that I've read when I was under ten :D
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Recently, people started to express opinion that I act like House or immitate House or whatever. It's not true. Ask Tin-dog. She can tell you that I've been like this even before House.

The countless times since my childhood when mom was trying to make me be nicer, less mean, more polite, diplomatic. I can't do that. I still censor myself on some level, but I can't be someone I'm not. I can't be nice and pretend like my sister. Sorry mom, I'm a smart-ass. No isn't an answer. I jump the queues in supermarkets when I have two items or no time. I ask the people to let me go forward with polite smile and they let me. Yes, I am like that. I can't stand idiots. I show people who I consider stupid that they are stupid. I've done that since the kindergarten. And what if I had no friends there? I wasn't interested in playing with idiots anyway.

What I mean is...I can't pretend I'm something I'm not. I've never been good in that. I couldn't pretend to be House any more than I couldn't pretend to be nice. I could go to great measures to hurt the people who hurt me. I could go to great measures to insult people who I don't like. It probably makes me a bitch. Deal with it.

On the other hand... I would gave up my life for people I love, even though I never say I love them. I don't mean in the romantic sense. I mean my friends. Is it so wrong to value friendship above all?
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Seriously, I love House MD. I really do. I think it is probably the most interesting show since The X Files. But... But there is always but in everything. Few months back, the only thing that would set me off were the occasional ship wars and fandom wanks here on LJ.

Then I've found this group of Czech House blogers. Seriously, my view of the fandom changed completely. The fuckers piss me off. They took something brilliant and turned it into series of bad and awkward Huddy fics, which get increasingly worse the more the author thinks they are funny.

Badfics exist. I know. But there is something like spellcheck, there is something like betareaders. I won't even mention the grammar. They don't know even the basics. It's not even fun anymore to mst it. It sucks all my wit out of me and leaves me feeling drained and sick and depressed.
It's not just the fics. They have terribly distorsed pictures which they call fanarts. I don't know, since when is making House's face even longer than it is a piece of art? Have I missed some new fashion?

Then there are these lame attempts at "cool" combination of Czech and English in the titles and menus (Well, it is nice you use the word drabble, but it means exactly 100words, not 89 nor 134, assholes). They, of course, don't know properly either of those languages.

Those things I'd have survived, but then there is this new one, who steals fanarts and screencaps right from the LJ, without credit, linking it directly from the original artists' photobuckets sometimes. Like 1% of her blog's content is really hers. I contacted the latest victim, whose screencaps she links right from her photobucket while having no idea about what episode are they from. In the past some of the others stole my bad jokes caps and removed the text. I told them that all they have to is to ask and I will give them the clean ones. It's all about permission and credit. Would they copy their peer's homework without asking first?

I think it's a shame. If stealing and bad grammar is all they are capable of, what is the future of the fandom. It's a bunch of little fuckers with no sense of humour and no talent for art, vids or writing. They have no sense of self-criticism, they are unable to distinguish between a good collage or wallpaper and piece of shit, they cannot tell the difference between a good story and crap pulled out of someone's ass while they were probably high on sugar and teenage hormones. They have no talent and no sense of politeness. So in the end, the fandom is screwed and I'm seriously pissed off. End of story.

Thanks for reading. I feel much better now.
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Your result for The Color Code Test...

Color Code: RED: The Boss

Come on and see what an obnoxious bitch I am... )

Now, is that about me...or is it about Amber? :D

Anyway, I am redoing my LJ layout...again. I am missing a header...again.

Last week, I managed to actually buy shoes, yay for me.

On tuesday, I am going to see "I Want to Believe"...I am so nervous.

Anyway, I may get another job so I may actually make enough for living. What I make now would be enough if my parents decided to give me at least money for food. But, you know...blah...

I am trying to stop with two of my great habits, hair pulling and forehead scratching...could these be considered EMO!selfharming? Or is it something people do subconsciously like nail bitting? Well, that's one thing I don't do :D
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Ok, why did I think that the internet is going to calm me down. It only put my mind into overload with new promo pics for House. I am full os speculations with nowhere to unload them. Also, I cannot sleep because the new episode won't let me, just like the last week and I haven't slept much yesterday either. And then during/after the episode, I have no one to share the lulz with, since Ziina's ass and the rest of her body are in London. Oh my, will my mind stop whirling the ideas of the season finale in my head? Last time I got tangled in speculations like this was Unimatrix Zero...
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So I was watching Buffy last night and there were some monks and a beast. And they were supposed to speak Czech. Well, with Ziina's help, we were able to decipher most of the scene in the beginning, well, closest to Czech was the guy who spoke Czech with a strong Russian accent. As for the woman, the beast, I had a hard time to figure out what she said because it was as if a 80 years old toothless idiot was trying to talk...
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So I planned going home for Easter...then I decided that there is no point in doing that and changed plans...

I wanted to go shopping and to gym today.

It is almost 10pm.

I wasn't at gym.

I didn't go shopping either.

Instead of that, I'm still where I was yesterday - collapsed on the carpet in Ziina's living room, clicking between paint shop pro and photoshop and trying to figure out a header for my LJ...

At least I learned to download streamed audio, started using tags and found out that vdownloader 0.7 works with youtube, yay...

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