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Never have anything unofficial under your own name, 1st rule of the internet. So see...I am going to the job interview tomorrow. As a joke, I put the interviewing person's name to the almighty google. Now I know:

1. How does she look.

2. Is a year older than me.

3. Which schools she attended and that she finished college at the age of 27.

4. That she likes IT Crowd, Futurama and Twin Peaks, her favourite character is Sheldon Cooper and her favourite movie is 21 grams.

5. Likes the same tv station that I do, hates the same politican.

6. Has a blog in English.

Now I know all that, what do I do with it?

If she runs google search on my own name, she may find out what tv shows I like on facebook and that I run a program line at one convention and I happened to be successful participant in several math contests back in 1999-2003.
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And I have been invited to ONE interview. What am I doing wrong? Am I really that ugly and stupid? I am really getting depressed by this all. I just want to...get the hell out of the night shifts and weekends. I am not looking for anything extra. I just want to get out. Make the same or little more money. Have some perspective, not a dead end job. Have a boss who has a brain in her/his head. Is that too much to ask?
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So I've spent most of the night today sending out my resume. I made sure to personalize each of the emails, using the name of the contact person, the company and the job description, pointing out my skills in the relevant area. I think that at this point I am starting to lie and exagerate, telling myself that I can always catch up as I go. It is hard to find even a temp job. However I do not want to work night shifts anymore, nor I have the need to listen to "great" ideas of a stupid person aka our boss, the author of the quote "The best view of Grand Canyon is from Canada" and with creative English.

Anyway, I've already found replacement for myself, all I have to do now is to find a job and then inform my boss. She better let me go and not hold me here for months, as it would mean hell on Earth for the both of us. I think that we are civilized people and seriously, three months notice? No way I could be held here for three more months.

I don't think I am going to be able finish the uni, after four years, I think it is time to admit to myself that the battle is done and the war is over and I lost. It is just too hard trying to juggle full time job and the university's requirements. I am too old and too tired and I just give up, right here, right now. I cannot do that anymore. Plus it would mean staying at this job if I tried one more time and I know I'd fail anyway. I just can't ever win, can I?

Three more hours before the shift is over, so I am going to work on this LJ layout, ok?
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So looking for a better job I have been once again going through the webpages of various tv stations. Well, some call it looking for a job, but by now (five years and not a single interview, a single answer) it is just sending of outrageous emails in vain hope that someone thinks I'm funny and asks me over for an interview. I guess nobody needs to employ a zero real life experience person whose main job experience is her House parody webpage and main career success running of a program line at convention. Actually, I should put that down on my resume, it's a business like any other.

Anyway, I came across AXN. And it's been three seasons now and I still cannot believe it.
The frakkin' show really is literary called TIME LORD in Czech translation. Like totally. I think they should change it to The Time Lord and the Earth Girl for season 4. And to Weirdo and Ginger for season 5, that would rock.
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The fact that I watch BtVS even though I really dislike Buffy, the fact that nothing on Earth seems to be more pathetic than Buffy/Angel, the key fact that there is never enough Spike scenes or that there is never enough scenes with Spike mocking Angel?

BTW, is it possible that this somehow chubby guy with soft high pitched voice is really the cool and tough agent Booth? God, he had grown somehow. He seems taller and better muscled on "Bones". Anybody else being wtfed about the Bones finale?

Anyway, any suggestions for my business name? So far we came up with "transwarp" with the motto "we translate your documents quicker than the speed of light". Lame.

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