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Ok, so much happened in the last few days that I don't even know where to start. Maybe with the play - it was brilliant.

We arrived to London on Thu morning and the journey was terrible. If you happen to live in a country where you have gypsies aka roma, you can imagine why it was terrible (involving being called w****, threatened to be killed and smoked fish in a bag. On the bus. In summer.)

Anyway, won't bother you with boring stuff like running around and sightseeing. In the evening we decided to check what it is like in the backstage area. We were standing at the edge, just to snap some pictures (of course my camera died too soon in the end).

We were told by a nice security guy called Steve that we cannot have the promo pics for the play signed, so we decided to come back later with scripts and programs and since we were standing at the no signing area anyway, we decided to just snap pics. When the momment finally came, it was horror. Next to me there was this guy, who seemed a little thick to begin with. While I was standing right next to him, talking to Steve about what David and Catherine can and cannot sign, he took out printed out picture from a folder. I think it was one of David's quickest backstage appeareances, thanks to this guy and several others. I mean I was horrified the way the fans acted. Poor David. First this weirdo next to me, who like eight times stuck the printed picture under David's nose, whining: "Sign it, sign it, I came just to see you, sign it.", while David kept on telling him that he can't. Then there was this girl holding up a blackberry, yelling: "Say "Hi, mom" David." to which he said, confused: "Hi to who?" and the girl kept shouting it. Then another one asked him to sign her boobs, to which he said: "Sign what? Why would I do that?!" and ran in. The weirdo next to me repeated his printed picture tantrum to Catherine as well, but she was very good in ignoring him. Also, nobody wanted her to sign any boobs, so she stayed a bit longer. But seriously, people, how messed up you are?

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