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To be completely honest, what it is with you tube and screen ratio these days?

Anyway, I think I am in love with this show already, looks funny with the right amount of soap. Already ship Megan(Dana D.) with Kate(Jeri) and I just saw two trailers and one sneak peek. It is either going to be epically awesome or a spectacular failure. We'll see.
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So I've heard that Jeri Ryan landed a role in the new ABC tv show "Body of Evidence". According to rumours she is going to play a doctor and the boss of the main character, who is rumoured to be Dana Delany. Femslash anyone?

Dana Delany seems to be doing a lot of femslashy thingies lately. First her hot lesbian relationship with Darla Robin (Julie Benz) on "Desperate Housewives", only to jump in a hot competitive sparks with Kate Beckett on "Castle".

Jeri Ryan herself is pretty experienced in the "lesbian concept", seeing how Janeway/Seven are still popular pairing and well, let's admit it, she had a good chemistry with the blonde girl on "Leverage".

Anyway, BoE is to be a procedural of ex-neurosurgeon, now medical examiner, who solves crimes. Ok, so it is to be ABC's response to House and/or Bones? Could the writers be so kind and not give her an OMG-they-are-so-in-love-but-not-gonna-admit-it partner? Maybe they could have this with the said, main gay characters on ABC national network in USA? I wish.

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