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Sorry, flickr won't let me post directly.

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Stana Katic! I know, not really exciting, but why not. What should I have her signed, I was thinking Firefly season 2 or something like that.

It is more of a road trip for me than anything else, you see, she is around in the republic, so why not. Life's too short to be all spent in the tearoom.
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An ER blooper. Because I love Alex Kingston. Any questions?

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As some of you may have noticed, Mr. Tennant is going to be forty on Monday. So we made a little party. It was fun. No, more than fun, it was awesome. Thanks, girls, I love you all.

Episodes watched: Midnight, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead

Other stuff: astounding amount of musicvideos, all songs from Blackpool.

Stuff discussed: everything

And btw...never make banana daiqiri in a mixer. Note to self - buy Ziina a blender for bday.

Bad Wolves, 2011:
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"So, Mulder, this supposed clandestine source who's contacted you how do we know that he's not just another crackpot whose encyclopedic knowledge of extraterrestrial life isn't derived exclusively from reruns of Star Trek?" - best line evah

Oh and btw, I made it, I made the test!
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Cameron...Cuddy...Almost every character on Glee.
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House/Wilson...because it's fun and it's not gonna happen.
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The X Files, Millenium, Mulder and Scully. The world didn't end.
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The X files - not only DD and GA, but also William B. Davis and Mitch Pillegi made the series great.
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MacGyver - I never watched the show, I find it boring, but I love the title sequence.
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Blackpool - combination of romance, crime story, musical and comedy. A perfect British mix. I liked DT as the Doctor, but this show make me fell in love with him. He is absolutely great here, even though it is hard to say if his character really is the good guy - he deliberately lies to Natalie in order to get closer to her, he starts an affair with her without telling her the truth - that he is the detective who is trying to get her husband behind the bars - and in the end he lets the murderer go. Still, I love Peter Carlisle.
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Desperate Housewives. Well, does it help that it had Nathan Fillion? And John Barrowman? And cpt. Gideon of Crusade who kidnapped "Mal" and threw a bucket of water on him?
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Before it came to The X Files movie number two, I would say Scully - her cold, analytical approach and belief in science. But making her a rigid catholic who is obsessed with god ruined her. So I guess Kathryn Janeway. She knew how to put the mess in the pms ;)
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Agent Mulder - I loved him so much. And he had those sad eyes and cynical approach. He made me understand irony and sarcasm. Plus he still looks good in boxer shorts.
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The fluffy slipper! The teddybear! The sheep! )

I totally did not download the whole stupid movie just to make few caps of James in jammies, seriously, I did not. I swear. Ok. I did.
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Episode of what? Frankly I am stupid enough to watch pretty much everything two times, most things 3times and more. I stopped counting the 1998 X files movie when I reached 29. I do not dare to think how many times I've seen Voyager, Doctor Who or Voyage home. I know I've seen season three of House WAY TOO MANY times. I think there are few episodes of BSG I've seen five times already...
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Battlestar Galactica. At first I really hated it. But then it was either Galactica or 100th repeat of SG-1 on the afternoon telly and I gave it a try. The show grew on me in the end and I have to say that I really come to love Laura Roslin. And Baltar is such a tragicomical figure. Funny about the show is that, as in real life, no one ended up being the villain nor the hero.
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Castle. Nathan Fillion is great as the writer Rick Castle and he has great chemistry with Stana Katic as detective Beckett. Castle's family is fun to watch - his "diva" of mother and his prematuraly adult daughter who seems to be the parent in their relationship are simply awesome. So is Castle's constant rarely requited flirting with Beckett, who seems to be great in keeping him in the line.

- "Promise not to hate me."
- "I already hate you."
- "Fair enough."


- "How often are people killed in neighborhoods like this?"
- "Same as anywhere else, Castle, just the once."

And many many more funny lines.

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