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Sorry, flickr won't let me post directly.

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Stana Katic! I know, not really exciting, but why not. What should I have her signed, I was thinking Firefly season 2 or something like that.

It is more of a road trip for me than anything else, you see, she is around in the republic, so why not. Life's too short to be all spent in the tearoom.
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As some of you may have noticed, Mr. Tennant is going to be forty on Monday. So we made a little party. It was fun. No, more than fun, it was awesome. Thanks, girls, I love you all.

Episodes watched: Midnight, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead

Other stuff: astounding amount of musicvideos, all songs from Blackpool.

Stuff discussed: everything

And btw...never make banana daiqiri in a mixer. Note to self - buy Ziina a blender for bday.

Bad Wolves, 2011:
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I am done with you. First you did not work for 10hours. Now you are deleting my statuses. Thanks for all the fish. Gonna use LJ and Twitter more now.

ETA: I know, you all just asked how can I use Twitter more than I do now...truth is, I haven't been using it on pc, only on the phone.
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Pet, Su-su, Kate and I just bought this:

We've been looking for something we could wear among normal people and "normal" fandom people that would say "I ship Doctor and Donna and you have no idea my earrings state that, hehe."

So after looking at all the overpriced stuff at shops, I gave ebay a try. Will send actual pictures when it arrives.

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