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House/Wilson...because it's fun and it's not gonna happen.
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I have to admit that this is probably the toughest question. But I think that the scene in 6x11 Down Low when Wilson comes into the restaurant full of people, drops to his knees and asks HOUSE to marry him is not going to get old anytime soon. The past part is the unrelated old lady in the restaurant, who eagerly looks at House and yells "SAY YES!". Bouts of laughter ensue.
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House. It started out by being about the medically interesting cases, with a bit reminiscent of Holmes and Watson with House and Wilson and the villain being a mysterious disease that was killing the patient. It got old very fast - by now you know that the right diagnosis comes around minute 38 of the clean time. However, the soap-operish stuff was ok too. Then in season 4 they killed the first actually well written female character on the show and in season 5 Cuddy undergone lobotomy. Six started initially well, improving the five's aftertaste and I started to look forward to episodes. One exception was "5 to 9", episode that once again proved that it was probably her genital area what made Cuddy the dean of medicine. Really, did her brain melted or something? Anyway, all was looking well up to the last episode, where the creators failed to make the story even a bit plausible and managed to destroy everything in the last 5minutes of the episode. Thank you very much, House writers, we are done. I think I will be closing down my House parody page soon as I am too disgusted to even make fun of the show anymore.

Holy crap!

Feb. 15th, 2010 11:08 pm
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So I've downloaded an episode of "Big Love" to find out what is Anne Dudek doing these days. Instead, I saw this:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Robert Beltran acting!
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Oh, I'm gonna kill ya, ya bitch!


Whoops, the boss!

Wasn't me fighting.

Oh, what the hell, just one more slap!
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Thank you, thank you Dorie Egan, for reminding me why I like this show. So far, 5x17 is the best episode of the season. House and Wilson are just way too awesome.

Freakin' awesome

And a special bonus: inappropriate lame joke.

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Xposted in Czech to Housuv Dum Hruzy
Episode summary: As House accuses him of being gay, Wilson is trying to reach a decision on his sexuality. He himself doesn't feel very cheerful and playful, yet alone gay. House is also getting a premature stigmata, even though he usually gets crucified at the Easter. Cuddy is taking an advantage of the situation to get rid off her sexual frustration. Oh, and Thirteen still has Huntington's Disease.
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Dec. 2nd, 2008 05:56 pm
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Lately I've been wondering about two, well, three important issues:

1/ is English word order applicable to mathematics in order to explain it to students, who have inflective language as the first language

2/ why is the word "boner" so attractive to people

3/ where exactly are J/C fic authors wrong with the dickage
and the winner is... )

End of today's wisdom.
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...or, how I learned to stop shipping.

Since I was a child, I identified myself as a shipper. Lately, this course of action makes me disgusted. Let's take a look.

Mulder and Scully, the ultimate image of romance. Why I liked it?
1. They were, above all, friends. It was more than "unresolved sexual tension", which I never actually seen. People mistaking them for lovers, well, I never got that. It run deeper than that. There was this ultimate trust between them. They literary trusted each other with their lives.

2. They never showed it. The kiss in Millenium was perfect, the little New Year's peck on lips. But it was the little touches that were much more significant. The touch of hands, a hug. It was more intimate than sex. The best shippy moment ever - the end of Pusher, when Scully takes Mulder's hands and leads him away.

3. Truth is, we were told that they probably shagged since episode one. And if they did, I'm glad it wasn't on screen.

4. In the movie, when they live together. It's natural. It's been sixteen years of close intense relationship. They lost all other friends, because there wasn't time to socialize and to be friends with them was more than dangerous. They lost their families. They only had each other. So I wasn't surprised and I kind of like it. Up to the final kissing scene. I mean, they were together and it was nice. But that scene was so unlike Mulder and Scully. It was disgusting. The worst X Files scene ever. What happened to the no 'Moonlighting' rule?

Now watching Bones. Are they trying to copy M and S? I dunno, however, there is zero chemistry between Brennan and Booth. They are great as partners, but not as a pair. Lately, the writers force them on us as a pair. They are trying to show it down viewers throat and it triggers my gag reflex.

Another thing triggering my gag reflex is House's current "slip of tongue". Back in the season one, when Cuddy was still the boss and not the boobs, the occasional hostile flirting was fun. But the current House/Cuddy plot is making me sick. It is boring, it is annoying, it is an old meme. Is Cuddy really the desperate aging lonesome stalking slut who would do anything to get House's attention? Because lately, it seems that way. Two more episodes of this and she would get on the same level with Cameron's clingy crush.

Well, I think it is a good thing that I jumped the slash train. I mean, they are not going to show Kirk/Spock or House/Wilson down my throat, huh? :D
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He broke up with him...
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I'm pretty sure that the long love affair between House and Wilson is going to survive all the Amber related angst. The question is how.

In the meantime, let's have some pictures to admire Wilson's hair and squint. No caps od House's bald patch this time, sorry.

Oh yeah...

Sep. 9th, 2008 02:46 pm
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Look at what nice things I win for being sarcastic and insulting people:



I guess...

Aug. 30th, 2008 11:24 pm
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I spend way too much time avoiding work, huh...
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Seriously, I love House MD. I really do. I think it is probably the most interesting show since The X Files. But... But there is always but in everything. Few months back, the only thing that would set me off were the occasional ship wars and fandom wanks here on LJ.

Then I've found this group of Czech House blogers. Seriously, my view of the fandom changed completely. The fuckers piss me off. They took something brilliant and turned it into series of bad and awkward Huddy fics, which get increasingly worse the more the author thinks they are funny.

Badfics exist. I know. But there is something like spellcheck, there is something like betareaders. I won't even mention the grammar. They don't know even the basics. It's not even fun anymore to mst it. It sucks all my wit out of me and leaves me feeling drained and sick and depressed.
It's not just the fics. They have terribly distorsed pictures which they call fanarts. I don't know, since when is making House's face even longer than it is a piece of art? Have I missed some new fashion?

Then there are these lame attempts at "cool" combination of Czech and English in the titles and menus (Well, it is nice you use the word drabble, but it means exactly 100words, not 89 nor 134, assholes). They, of course, don't know properly either of those languages.

Those things I'd have survived, but then there is this new one, who steals fanarts and screencaps right from the LJ, without credit, linking it directly from the original artists' photobuckets sometimes. Like 1% of her blog's content is really hers. I contacted the latest victim, whose screencaps she links right from her photobucket while having no idea about what episode are they from. In the past some of the others stole my bad jokes caps and removed the text. I told them that all they have to is to ask and I will give them the clean ones. It's all about permission and credit. Would they copy their peer's homework without asking first?

I think it's a shame. If stealing and bad grammar is all they are capable of, what is the future of the fandom. It's a bunch of little fuckers with no sense of humour and no talent for art, vids or writing. They have no sense of self-criticism, they are unable to distinguish between a good collage or wallpaper and piece of shit, they cannot tell the difference between a good story and crap pulled out of someone's ass while they were probably high on sugar and teenage hormones. They have no talent and no sense of politeness. So in the end, the fandom is screwed and I'm seriously pissed off. End of story.

Thanks for reading. I feel much better now.


Jul. 25th, 2008 11:39 pm
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RSL knocked up Gabby? - Heirat und Baby – Gabriella Salick legt Pause ein O_o

Uhm, well, congratulations?
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The question is:
Is her head growing or is her body shrinking?

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