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Pairing: Doctor/Donna
Rating: tohle pochopí každý starší třinácti let
Žánr: to bude asi vtip
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Anybody knows why Anne's page doesn't work? loads the default page and times out.
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It’s you, my Doctor. It’s always been you. Even though I can never remember you, you’re always there, in the back of my mind. A little voice, telling me if something is wrong. A little voice telling me if what I’m doing is right. A voice that tells me I’m brilliant when I feel down. You are always there, in my mind, in my dreams. I can hear the voice that I do not know. I have the vague feeling that there is so much more to live for, something more than this. I just wish I knew it’s you.


Oct. 16th, 2010 09:02 pm
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Title: Mornings
Author: sevenjetc
Disclaimer: Not helpful at court at all, but thanks to Doctor Who creators and no profit made by the poor little me and all that jazz
Rating: PG
Word count: 593
Characters/Pairings: Doctor, Donna, mentions of Rose, Jack, Mickey and Martha
Warnings: not really shippy, I guess
Summary: Doctor thinks about his mornings.
Author's note: Thanks to [ profile] sykira for the grammar check and kind words. I think I haven't written fanfiction in like 3 years? Well, the last one was somewhere between TW season 1 and DrWho season 3...
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First, the whole story behind this story. I went to London in June 2005. There, I met with a tall blonde girl of the same age. We barely knew each other, but since we were both from the same message board, we decided to stick together. We bought coffee and headed to Hyde Park. Something between us clicked, because we somehow came to understanding during the conversation that the other is not one of those to go into fits when you insult her OTP. Of course, we discussed fics and all those bad porn stories out there with Chakotay and his enormous male organ. We thought what it would be like if, for crying out loud once, the story was completely different. This is my take on it. Enjoy, Kate.

A rather politically incorrect story regarding Chakotay's penis under the cut )


May. 25th, 2007 07:58 pm
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Title: Voices
Pairing: Janeway and Seven, friendship
Rating: PG

Her eyes were bewildered. Her face, once beautiful, was grey and full of wrinkles. Her screams echoed through the room. Sometimes she was able to think and talk clearly, but basically, she was insane. She had no control over her emotions, they came, wave by wave, overwhelming her, draining her body and soul.

The other woman stood there and watched from behind the forcefield, sometimes talking softly in vain attempt to calm her. No matter what the others said, she knew this was only her fault. And no matter what the doctors said, she never gave up the hope that one day, she would be healthy again.

She watched the slim form shaking with laughter, then wracked with sobs. Sitting on the floor, the blond head rose and she looked up, with tears streaming down her face.

"Captain?" the recognition appeared in her eyes. "The voices, Captain. I want them to go away. They come...they come from the dark corners...from the darkness. Always whispering to me...never leaving me alone. I want them to leave me alone... they never leave. Never leave.."

Seven covered her face with her shaking hands, repeating the word “leave” again and again. Kathryn shut her eyes. She should have left her with the Borg.

She should have never let her remove the failsafe device. It was all her fault. She was the one who decided to play hero; freeing the woman from the Borg and then helping her find her way back to humanity. Why? Why had she taken her from the prison of collective to send her to the prison of insanity?

She watched Seven fall asleep on the floor. How long would it take before she screamed herself to death? Before the exhaustion took over her body and she never woke again?

Tears were running down her face. For the sake of her own sanity, she hoped it would be soon. Her voice was shaking as she whispered: "Don't worry Seven. It won't be long and the voices will be gone. You will be free again."

With that she turned from the forcefield and left. Next Sunday, she would come here again, like every Sunday before and every Sunday after. As long as it took before the end. Or until she too was claimed by insanity.
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Title: 'Jack in a Bottle'
Pairing: Jack/Ten, Jack/Nine/Rose (both implied)
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Summary: Jack wanders the pub.
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How Martha Was Hitting on Jack Harkness

*knock knock*

Jack dressed only in pants opens the door.
"What's up?"

Martha flutters lashes.
"Would you like to join me for a cup of tea?"

"Sorry, I am tired."


Few minutes later.

*knock knock*

Jack opens wearing his boxers.
"What's up?"

Martha smiles sweetly.
"I brought you some relaxing stuff so you sleep better."

Jack grabs the cup.
"Thanks, bye."

Few minutes later
*knock knock*

Jack in boxers.
"What now?!"

"Would you like a massage, I have some great oil."


Few minutes later...
*knock knock* *knock knock*

Doors open. The Doctor in his boxers.
"Martha, if you don't go away, I am leaving you at next bloody planet!"

Doors close. Martha blinks in surprise and finally gets the message.
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Death in the Silence

You are lying here, in the pool of your own blood, as I'm kneeling next to your body...worried...afraid...lost. No, don't you dare to leave me. Don't you dare to die. You can't die. You've promised me that you'll always be by my side. Forever. But I can feel it – your life is leaving you. Traitor. You put way too much of the remains of power you have into the useless effort to breathe. It's getting harder each and every time. I see the blood coming from your lips, the gorgeous lips I was allowed to kiss only hours ago.
Your eyes are shut. I can't see their sky blue colour. I used to drown in them, in the love I saw there. The love I will have to live without now. But I can't live without your love, without your support, without you.
Don't die, my sweet love, open your eyes. We have to go on, we have to stop them. That's what we are supposed to do. That's why you can't die on this dirty street. It's not only about you and me. It's about all the other people too, we have to save them, we have to save planet.
You stopped breathing...No, you have to breathe. Come on. Breathe. Don't die. Don't die. Live.

The streets around were silent. Deadly silent, in fact. Nobody could hear the screams of Mulder's soul. Nobody could hear the last hard breaths Dana Scully tried to force in her perforated lungs. Nobody has seen her die in the darkness. Still, there it happened. And not only one, but two fighters died that night.
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Don't ask...

Dear Chakotay,

I'm writing you this letter because you never listen. I'm breaking up with you. The reason - you are boring. If it was just the sex what is boring and unsatisfying, I would replicate a vibrator and never talk about it. But why you have to be so boring in everything else too. No, I don't want to hear another of your indian legends. I don't want to laugh at your lame jokes. And god, I don't want to watch you sit in your chair on the bridge whole day, doing nothing but occasionally standing behind my butt and growing fat. So I'm breaking up with you. I think I will date someone else. Even Harry Kim sounds more interesting than you these days. I wish I was a lesbian so I could date Seven Of Nine. At least she has the looks and screen time.

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: and do something with those hair, it is freaky.

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