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Tonight I dreamed of being there with my friends Kate, Pet, Susu and Hexx. We went to the show as we were supposed to and it was awesome. Then we sneaked in the next evening to watch it again from the backstage. After the show was over, David let us to touch his hair and it was very soft.

A very nice dream. Is it time to leave for London yet?
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I had a dream that Tin!dog had a boyfriend. But he wasn't everyday boyfriend, but a ruler from dark ages who had fallen through time. We were on a walk in Berlin (strange, never been to Berlin) and he owed some money to some guys, they beaten and killed him. Tin!dog and I were on the run from them, she was driving a cool SUV, she wanted me to drive it, but even in my dreams I know I can't drive. Well, we were on the run. We ran to my parents' place and we took a nap. Afterward we decided that we need to figure out what's going on, but as the car was leaving I saw the car with the bad guys pulling into our street. I wanted Kate to go back, but she said that if we go back, there would be nothing we could do as we weren't armed, I agreed and we decided to figure it out. Then we were speeding a lot. Those planes came from the sky and shot at us. One of the pilots knew me and saved our 'souls' after the car exploded, so we were basically ghosts. We realised that it was Torchwood One who shot at us and that we are in the headquarters. We started to learn to take over various bodies, then there was a kind of flash and we woke up in my bunk bed, both alive and solid and Kate told me she never had any boyfriend or couldn't remember one. We started to investigate in our subconsciousness what had happened. We found out that the Doctor happened. Since it all caused a time-space disturbance, it caught TARDIS' attention and not only one's. Both Nine and Ten met there, Ten was with Donna and Martha and Nine was alone. They infiltrated the Torchwood, trying to figure out what went wrong. Then Rose appeared from the AU and Ten was all hugging her and Donna and Martha were slightly pissed off, so they decided to hang out with Nine, Nine posing as Torchwood agent, Donna as secretary, Martha as doctor, Rose pretended to be alien languages specialist and Ten computer specialist and they were working with big computer there, pretending to research a program in alien language while using the computer to figure out what torchwood did. They found out that Torchwood caused a rift that pulled in the guy Kate fell in love with (Ten also saw us as ghosts hanging out there, we were surprised that he could see us) and changed the whole history. So the Doctors put it right again and nothing of it ever happened.
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First of all, I don't watch BSG, I've never watched BSG and I'm not planning to watch it. I think I've seen like 4 episodes and 3 of them while ironing, the last one while napping on the couch in 2005 or so... And few scenes with Dean Stockwell. Therefore, I blame my subconsciousness, for this way too sense making dream.

So you know, these Cylons want to kill humans, huh... Well, I don't know what had happened to those poor things, there was this big huge ship, a bit reminding me of the Cloud City in Star Wars. It was on a steady course towards planet Earth. At first, it was a human ship, under Roslin's command, but then something happened to the Cylons and they were forced to board it. So they took over the ship, the Six in the red dress seizing the control. There were many fights among the people and the Cylons, because the Cylons were not allowed to kill the humans intentionally, but no one ever cared if they let's say accidentally electrocuted them. Anyway, some it took some years to reach the Earth, few times it happened that Cylon-human hybrids would be born. That was not exactly allowed and those were hunted down, but a secret network was in place that saved the kids and there was practically no way how to detect them - they couldn't be detected as human, they weren't part of the Cylons. By the time they reached the Earth, there was about sixty adults of those hybrids and some kids, more were found and killed. They were hiding in the ship's underground which was not a pretty place to stay. In the end, the Cylon's plan moved into the action, along with the revelation that they were, in fact, led by Lisa Cuddy (d'oh *head-desk* I knew she was bossy, but enough to be the Cylon god???!). The plan was to release a human targeted genetic-engineering designed sophisticated virus, which would kill all the humans on the Earth and on the ship, then it would eat the flesh and bones and actually vaporize itself. Clever little thingies - fast and no mess. Which was, in fact, a successful plan. But after this happened and the Cylons wanted to board the planet, the hybrids' plan moved into the action - apparently, they sabotaged the ship that in the moment the boarding ships were activated, everything started to explode, leading to the explosion of the whole mother-ship. So the score was: humans - exterminated, cylons - exterminated, hybrids - in a crowded escape module on the way to Earth. They had in fact a zero technology, the Earth was not advanced compared to them. They managed to establish a way of telecommunication network. They decided that the only way to map where they are was to travel it and once they figured out how to use an old fashioned car, they send one of them on a kind of exploratory mission - alone... she wasn't a very popular woman, I guess, from what my poor brain could gather, her parents weren't much popular among the both humans and cylons either...Anyway, I could see that they in fact landed in the part of former Germany, according to the landing-site. She traveled South-West first, towards France and Spain and on the way met a couple of men, who survived the virus. She contacted the others and let them know there were in fact survivors. One of the guys was a scientist and in a former hospital building they managed to run some test, only to find out that their genetic code, which would be considered damaged by the human standards if the Earth human had the medical knowledge to say so, and the hybrid code is a near match. The scientist joined her on the mission and by the time they've reached the coast of Portugal, there were about 100survivors...Well, then I woke up...

So, well...they had a plan...
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Lately, I had a lot of House/Wilson/Cuddy dreams, Torchwood dreams and other adventurous dreams - almost worth writing a fic or two...

However, today's dreams of DT was special...I had dreams of him or Doctor before, but never before about *him* kissing *me* :) Well, that's pretty much all that was about (that and the fact that the toilets at charity marathon thingies suck...)
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Ok, because it is time of exams, I need to clean my mind...

a/ The Dream
I had a dream last night. Cameron and Chase were getting married on sixth floor of some posh hotel. The elevator was out of order. House, wearing tuxedo, was sitting on the chair in the reception hall and was playing with his cane, crafty smile on his face. Cuddy was out of her mind and kept on calling the elevator company and in the moments she wasn't calling them, she was threatening House that he would attend the wedding even if she had to carry him on her back the whole six floors. Wilson was sitting on the chair next to House. He was desperately trying to look serious, but kept on chuckling and exchanging amused looks with House every time Cuddy was phoning with her back towards them.

b/ The Day-dream
I have a picture in my mind. The Doctor takes Jack to see the supernova. For those who seen Doomsday - yes that supernova. For those who didn't - well, nice violet supernova. They are standing at the TARDIS door, looking at it and Jack takes Doctor's hand in his. They look at each other, realising all they lost, all the goodbyes and the ends and the things they will never have because they are both too different. Then Jack gently kisses the Doctor. They still have each other.

c/ The Hair
My hair are screwed up...I wanted a season nine Scully hairstyle and ended up with shorter version of Gwen's hairdo...I hate fringe.

d/ Fear
I am terribly afraid of the mind keeps escaping. I was sleeping Friday 3pm to Saturday noon. That is very wrong. An escape from reality...

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