Nov. 13th, 2011

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Ramen noodles for breakfast. I'd make a mighty fine Ood. I had to go to the mall as I ran out of the nose spray and there is the closest pharmacy open on Sunday. Of course it is one of those that sells pseudoephedrine containing meds only prescribed, unlike my usually pharmacy that sells them when I show them my ID. So no help there, huh?

The night was terrible, I kept on waking up with my nose completely congested and I cannot breathe through my mouth either because my throat is so sore. And I have an epic headache as a result. Oh cold, why couldn't you find some other victim, someone less hypochondriac and bitchy?
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But my friend fails to provide me with a silly enough songs. So if there is someone with something completely random, here you can share and maybe I will pick something. And yes, I have 4 WIP videos on my computer, but those are all drama and angst and I need to improve my mood.
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Let's face it. I have a really twisted sense of humour.
another example of my tasteful and gentle sense of humour )

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