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I just re-read my latest post about work. I just guess I will post that the department change went fine, sixth months in, I am a bit overworked, but my job is much better. The guys on the team are cool.
Also, the boy who replaced me in my previous job is nice. I like him as a person. also, today, I found out that the blonde cunt was not just a cunt to me, she is cunt to him as well. I told him not to get bothered by her and not to follow my mistakes and go to boss to talk about it, because it may not seem so, but everyone in the department hates her as well. I found out in the one week of honesty everyone had with me as I was leaving. i just don't want him to spent next two years of his life walking on broken glass and living all his work life around this cunt. I know that a woman shouldn't be called this word. But this one, well, she deserves it. she is one of the people I would really wish o something bad. I wonder is she thought about spontaneous human combustion as her next life direction.

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