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Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing/Characters: Doctor and Donna, in the lines of friendship.
Rating: pretty much PG-13 at most just to be safe.

The Doctor’s doubtful heroism

Donna Noble blew a lock of displaced hair out of her face and folded her arms on her chest. She had spent the last six months travelling with this impossible alien bag of bones and she thought that she had seen it all. However, the Doctor really overdid himself on this day. Hero! Saviour of the worlds! Menace to Daleks and other space vermin! You know where exactly the space might stuff that?! It had taken her a half an hour to push him through the door. She had to lean on him with all her weight in order to make his bony fingers let go of the door frame! For a while, she was even afraid that she would be forced to hit him over the head and carry his unconscious ass inside. No, there is no way in the universe to make her take him to the dentist again.

The Doctor’s almost last praline

The Doctor had always suspected that he might not be the only person in the universe with a thing for ginger hair. Take this race of Boblatairs, for example. As soon as they had seen Donna, they made her their goddess. Now she was sitting on the throne they made for her and gorging on pralines. Hers was a much different situation than the one he was in. In fact, he was tied to a pole and there was this feeling in the back of his head that there might be a Time Lord leg for dinner tonight.

“Donna, this is really not funny.”

“Oh, Doctor, come on, where is your sense of adventure?”

He would have gladly and in great detail told her where exactly his sense of adventure is, but at that exact moment a bunch of Boblatairs grabbed the pole and carried it towards the fire.


“Oh, calm down, I’ll have just one more praline and then I’m saving you.”

In the end, she fulfilled her promise. But not before the tails of his coat were charred.

Marmots by any other name…

They were sitting in a tree, the Doctor’s legs dangling in the air, while Donna was hugging the tree trunk with all her limbs as if her life depended on that. Much to her dismay, the tree trunk was shaking a bit too much.

“Come on, Donna, it’s okay, they are just playing.”

“They. Are. Just. Playing?!” she angrily repeated. “Those beasts are gnawing on the tree we are on. And those are not even beavers!”

“Donna, please, those are still babies. It’s highly unlikely for them to gnaw through,” he was still assuring her as the trunk broke and both of them landed in the nearby pond.

“Marmots the size of bears. Bad idea,” he announced as his head emerged from the water. Without a hint of hesitation, Donna pushed him back underwater.

We need to save a planet

Donna was sitting in the armchair, finally enjoying a moment of peace with a book, when the Doctor wandered inside the library. For a while, he went through the books, mainly just raising the dust, and then, with a loud sigh, he threw himself on the couch.

“Donna, I am bored,” he whined about the obvious. She absently nodded in answer. “Let’s have a baby!”

She dropped the book along with her jaw.

“Think about it, it’d be smart, ginger, with…whatever eye colour. We could build a baby seat on the TARDIS console and…”

“No bloody way!” gasped Donna, jumped out of the armchair grabbing his hand in the process, dragging him to the control room. “Hurry up, Doctor, I am sure there is a planet in need of saving somewhere right now.”
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