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If you like to buy Doctor Who items from Amazon, I think you should stay away from pulseleisureltd.

On 5th November I've ordered Amy Pond figure.
On 8th November it was marked as shipped. Packages from UK to CZ usually arrive within 7days.
In late Nomveber I was told that packages to my area may take longer and to be patient.
On 8th December I was told to be patient.
On 12th December I checked with my sorting post office and I was told there was no package from me since the beginning of November and to obtain the filling number.
When I asked for the number I was told that my item was returned to them that very day, undelivered.
I asked for photos of the package so I could file a claim with my post office for not delivering/announcing my packages. The answer was they are too busy to deal with that now.
I asked for my item to be resent as recommended package with tracking number that I am willing to pay the additional cost (mind you, I think 5GBP for a P&P of a small figure that they sent without tracking number is way too much). Suddenly the item came back damaged and they cannot resend it, but I will get a full refund including the P&P.

So, if you want to buy Doctor Who stuff, stay away from pulseleisureltd.

Now I am glad that I got the free L sized men shirt with the Doctor Who Encyclopedia. Otherwise I'd be left with nothing to give my brother for Christmas.
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